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Star Wars Outlaws: Explore Iconic Planetary Locations in a Captivating Space Adventure Game

The anticipation for the new Star Wars game, "Star Wars Outlaws," continues to grow as more details are revealed. In a recent interview with IGN, director Julian Gerighty at Massive Ubisoft shared exciting insights about the game's planetary locations, adding to the excitement among Star Wars fans and gamers alike.

Revisiting Tatooine - Familiar yet Refreshing:

One of the intriguing locations in "Star Wars Outlaws" is Tatooine, the iconic desert planet known for its appearances in previous Star Wars content. Despite concerns about the planet being overused, the game promises a fresh perspective with an emphasis on attention to detail and expanded exploration. Players can expect to discover new facets of this classic location, providing a unique gaming experience different from previous on-screen portrayals.

Quests and Choices: Interacting with Jabba the Hutt.

Within the game, participants will have the chance to collaborate with the infamous underworld figure, Jabba the Hutt. As is typical in action-adventure RPG lite games, significant figures like Jabba will offer quests and engage players in meaningful dialogue. Developers have hinted at players performing tasks for the iconic mass, and intriguingly, players can even choose to betray him, offering exciting opportunities for diverse gameplay experiences.

Toshara - An Outlaw's Paradise:

Another thrilling location featured in the interview is Toshara, a new moon inspired by the eastern African savannah, specifically Tanzania. This region within the game is designed to embody an outlaw atmosphere and is described by the studio as a hive of scum and villainy. With its extraterrestrial city, small town, and pirate outpost, Toshara provides an exciting setting for players to explore. The ability to travel freely using customizable speeder bikes adds to the adventurous spirit of the game.

The 80/20 Rule - Striking the Perfect Balance:

"Star Wars Outlaws" follows a design principle known as the 80/20 rule, where 80% of the features are Earth-like and believable, while the remaining 20% consists of alien elements. This approach ensures a balanced and engaging gaming experience, offering a blend of familiar and exotic environments that will captivate players.

Traditional Approach with Modern Touches:

The game's development at Massive suggests a more traditional take on space adventure, in line with classic Star Wars themes. However, "Star Wars Outlaws" embraces modern gaming elements to provide a fresh and immersive experience. This approach strikes a chord with those who appreciate the nostalgic aspects of the franchise while seeking innovative gameplay features.

Embracing the Expansive Nature of Space:

As the space game genre gains mainstream popularity, various games, including "No Man's Sky," "Star Citizen," and "Elite Dangerous," have explored different approaches to deliver vast, immersive worlds. "Star Wars Outlaws" stands out as a game that encourages players to explore the seedy side of the Star Wars universe, which has long been a captivating aspect of the fiction.

Looking Ahead:

"Star Wars Outlaws" promises to be an enthralling addition to the space adventure genre. While some questions remain unanswered, such as the extent of travel and the total number of planets and moons available, the game's developers are dedicated to delivering an unforgettable gaming experience. As the launch date approaches, fans can eagerly anticipate more details about "Star Wars Outlaws," and we'll keep you updated on all the latest developments leading up to the game's release.

May the Force be with you!

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