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Uncovering Surprising Additions in Star Citizen 3.19: From Control Hints to Detachable Mining Bags

Attention all Star Citizen fans! The latest update, Star Citizen 3.19, is now available on test servers and is gearing up for a live release this May. But hold on, there's more to this update than just what's on the roadmap. Join us as we delve into some exciting and lesser-known features to expect from Star Citizen in the coming months.

Control Hints

Something that has been showing up here and there over the last few months but hasn’t really been mentioned by anybody at all are these little control tutorials on the side of the screen. They are called control hints, and they show almost all available actions and keybindings for them in real-time. This is very nice because, well Star Citizen has a ton of keybindings, but also with each update new gameplay is being added, now players will be able to use new mechanics to their fullest as we explore new features. Maybe this is supposed to be part of the new player experience, but it is not exclusive to Area 18 and Baijini, so it’s kinda outside of that scope.

They update in real time depending on what type of controller you are using as well, so they should be great for getting new peripherals set up. But not all controls are included, and I’m sure this will be only mostly reliable for now. The icons make a decent enough amount of sense, I think. And once you don’t need them you can turn them off, just like regular hints.

Accorp Clouds

Something that hasn’t been talked about, but was inevitable at some point, was Arccorp getting planetary clouds. Being a city planet, this one may have been harder to get rendering than something like Hurston. The clouds themselves, though, are looking better than what we’ve had before.

We can now see multiple layers, large stacks of clouds, and more unique formations that remind me of the Citizencon 2021 show. Though still not quite there yet. And we still have those grainy problems. But the views are still amazing, and in the main landing zone of Area 18 we actually get some building cloud intersections, so it’s cool to see that is starting to be a thing as well.

Area 18 Terminals

This a small but welcome addition in the update are new ship retrieval terminals at Area 18. These kiosks have been placed closer to the hangars which makes it way easier to hop out of the door, spawn a ship, and quickly get going.

Resource Redistribution

In line with the mining updates in 3.19, minerals and commodities have seen a rebalance with 3.19. A lot of this is still being explored and experimented with by the community as a fresh addition just a few days ago, but it seems to redistribute value across a multitude of traded and mined materials to better stimulate an economy. With a similar change to cargo hauling likely coming in 3.20, it’s looking like a possible surprise big year for the economy of the game. We’ll keep a close eye on this, and their recent rumblings about crafting.

Detachable Mining Bags

Speaking of mining, miners rejoice! At long last, the mining bags on the back of your prospector can be detached and transported elsewhere. This is a powerful change that comes alongside removable fueling pods and of course removable cargo boxes from the last update. While these bags can not be recognized by cargo grids, or preserved in value at this point in PTU, there may be the possibility that they will when the update goes live. For now, though, this won’t immediately change the mining workflow. It is a step in the right direction, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the mining game loop fully realized.

Guide Button

I’ve many times complained about how much Star Citizen interaction occurs through the website. It does a terrible job of informing players of their options, and also takes them out of the game. While not a full solution, the addition of a guide button in the main menu is a start. It still just links you to the website, which isn’t ideal, but it at least makes players aware that the option is there now.

Weapons At Hurston

While I haven’t been able to confirm this in-game, it appears there are now weapons sold at Everus Harbor. While nice for convenience, I think this is a weird addition considering the oppressive nature of Hurston. Going by lore, the company generals tries to keep their citizens disarmed, and this seemed like a fantastic opportunity for unusual trade and smuggling opportunities as well as unique missions and set pieces in the city. But, perhaps convenience is more important. We’ll have to see what happens in the long run.

That’s the first early look at Star Citizen 3.19. I’m sure there are more yet to be found, but with PC problems on my end, I have yet to be able to truly explore(have been fixed and we have been enjoying everyday streams in 3.19!). Check out the YouTube channel to find more Star Citizen content and catch my streams!

In conclusion, Star Citizen 3.19 has some surprising and less talked about additions coming this year. These include control hints, planetary clouds for Arccorp, new ship retrieval terminals at Area 18, resource redistribution, detachable mining bags, a guide button, and the addition of weapons at Hurston. These updates offer improved gameplay mechanics, greater convenience, and the possibility of a more stimulating in-game economy. While some of these changes are still being tested and experimented with by the community, they indicate a step in the right direction for Star Citizen and offer promising potential for future updates. Check out my YouTube channel for more Star Citizen content in video format!

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May 13, 2023

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